Friction Swivel Axe Belt with Axe Scabbard



  A beautiful 2 inch Strap of thick English Bridle leather stitched to a thinner piece of raw veg tan leather.  This main purpose is to add durability to the leather belt so it doesn’t fold or crumble when the torque of the friction swivel is being used and transferred onto the belt.  I also chose this way, because it leaves some great potential for hidden and close to the heart artwork that you can put on the inside and the outside of your belt.  Thirdly the veg tan with the dyed english bridle just looks so good, cause lets be honest we all just wanna be good at our jobs and have the right tools, but if you an do that and also look good, then we are really winning.  Next you are getting the friction swivel.  Lots of people have expeirenced their axes getting in their way and want a solution, and the friction swivel is just that.  Move the axe handle and the axe stays in place.  Great for those steep ladder climbs and not getting pogo sticked when bending down.  Next you are getting an actual axe scabbard instead a simple loop on your hip.   This scabbard will also be movable so no more missed sizing errors.  When you Pre Order you get a free glove strap, and as always you get free stamps, paint, stitching, and axe belt accessory straps.  Right now I only have scabbards the Pig and the Piglett, and the flat head axe but you may select other scabbards as I am in the process of creating the rest.  Thank you all for your time, if you have any questions feel free to contact me.  Nate



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