Helmet Band


You have a dilemma, not enough street cred.  You just successfully stole another firefighters nozzle, and they look up to see who did it, and nothing.  Put your name on your helmet and let them know who’s dust they’re eating.

Give me your desired leather color, stitching color, and your letter colors. (Both the outline color and the main letter color.)

When finished I make you a nice 30 inch strap with some rubber lining so you don’t lose it.  Next I’ll add some eyelets and give you a short piece of parachute cord so you can cinch er’ down.

Got a cool idea for a more custom look? Contact me directly at fortifiedleather@gmail.com and we’ll figure out a price and get your leather started for you.

Don’t feel like wasting your life away filling out all these boxes? Give me a call and I’ll take your order personally, at (559) 274-8554.

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Note: The Fortified Leather insignia is stamped onto all leather products.



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